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Are you a musician who prefers to do your own recordings in your home? Or perhaps you are looking for a quality engineer who can perform mixing and mastering, even if you aren’t in Atlanta, Ga. With Pink Diamond records certified mixing services, you can expect a radio-ready mix every time, all which are done online. PDR has provided services to a large number of artists from around the world, helping musicians get the most out of their recordings. We understand how important it is to have professional sound quality. With our online music mixing, we provide you with the services you need from anywhere on earth. All you need to do is upload your Pro Tools sessions, or individual stems of each track if recorded in other DAWs to www.wetransfer.com. If you are sending stems please make sure: all faders are at unity or 0db, all effects are bypassed, panning is down the center, vocals are mono files, beats/2track instrumentals are stereo files.

When you choose our online music mixing services, you can expect to pay $99.99 per track. Otherwise, with orders of 10 songs or more please call for a quote on your project. These rates cover vocal mixes and two track beats only!

Beats/instrumentation mix pricing varies. Pricing depends on how many individual tracks and the quality of sounds/instruments. On average pricing cost anywhere from $99-$299+ per mix. Contact us for a quote today. (404) 917 – 3090

FAQ Regarding Online Music Mixing through PDR….

  • Record your audio files at 24 bit or higher for best quality. The session sample rates must be 44.1 KHz or 96 KHz. This increased dynamic range helps against the structure issues you can experience while recording. In addition, you can achieve lower noise floors and high resolution.
  • Keep your recordings around -3 dbfs. We don’t recommend using more than -6 dbfs. PDRs audio engineers will handle any volume issues during the mixing stage.
  • REMEMBER! If you will export or bounce tracks from a DAW not being Pro Tools, it is crucial for plug-ins to be bypassed. Faders set at unity or 0 db. Vocals should be exported as mono files, not stereo files (for the best results). Beats/2track instrumentals should be stereo files.
  • IMPORTANT! Export all files in the same region from the same starting point of the session 0:00. When our engineer imports them, it is critical to ensure they are fully synced and line up properly.

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