All online audio mastering is done by Pink Diamond Records certified audio engineers

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PDR offers the worlds best online music mastering at affordable prices without compromising quality. Working within the digital and analog realm we use professional/clean signal paths to help achieve the best mix and master results. We recommend .wav files but in worst case scenarios we will accept .mp3’s. Please think about the following when submitting music to be mastered… Please do not add any compression, limiting, or EQ to the master bus of your song. If you’re using a plugin to control any master bus clipping problems, please lower the gain structure of your song (-3db). While it’s not essential, it is useful to try and leave at least 3db of headroom. Thank you for choosing the worlds online leader in mastering music, we work with the industries go to engineers for radio-ready audio quality.

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Normal (28 Days), Express (14-16 Days), Priority (48-72 Hours)


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