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Sabrina Rasha Aka #MamaSauce

SabrinaRasha was born an army brat but grew up in the “The S.W.A.T.S.” Zone 4 In Atlanta, GA, a predominantly black community with many blackowned businesses. The middle child with one older brother & sister and one younger brother, Sabrina became a music fan at an early age.

SabrinaRasha Aka #MamaSauce is a multi-talented artist:
Rapper, singer/ songwriter, producer, dancer, athlete, and musician.  At the age of 17, She Started Her Own Independent Record Label; Pink Diamond Records LLC.  Sabrina’s upbeat personality and charismatic stage presence delights fans while attracting new ones everyday as well. SR has several projects in the works that will be promising for her career. Watch her progress as she shares her dream with the world.

While busy and eager to take her career to the next level she has become very comfortable in the studio and enjoys making Music from many different types of genres that touch people all over the world.

When SR isn’t on stage she volunteers her time towards community outreach programs and various local charities. Although kids love her pop/dance music with quality lyrics she also is attracting another set of fans with her ability vocally to touch hearts with Her Catchy Rap Lyrics. Her dedication to helping others hopes to inspire a young generation to be more aware and proactive about making change a reality; she is working hard to follow her dreams.

We will be launching kick-starter to help with the making of her 1st Album and a US tour in late summer. A beautiful unsigned artist climbing to the top one step at a time.