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The Keymakers – Tell Me Something

Meet The Keymakers – The musical duo consists of two brothers. Rome Alexander and Rederic, who were both born and raised in Pittsburgh. The two brothers now live together in Boston. Although very close from an early age, the two worked on music almost completely independently until 2016. Under the direction of Jesse Christophr and the AMAG artist collective, the two have been developing their artistry collectively as well as writing and producing for others. Just a few months after they began collaborating, the duo was working with high-profile artists. While they continue to write and produce for others, working closely with the AMAG team, the two have now committed full-time to their career as a duo and are pouring all of their best creative energy into it. Their new single Tell Me Something is a pop smash! With its RnB-style, captivating melodies, and light dance-hall bounce, you will easily find yourself putting this song on replay.  Listen to “Tell Me Something” on “Pink Diamond Radio”

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