The Keymakers – Tell Me Something

Meet The Keymakers – The musical duo consists of two brothers. Rome Alexander and Rederic, who were both born and raised in Pittsburgh. The two brothers now live together in Boston. Although very close from an early age, the two worked on music almost completely independently until 2016. Under the direction of Jesse Christophr and the AMAG […]

Gunna – Drip Season 3

College Park, Georgia-based rapper Gunna became interested in music and rapping as a hobby in his early teens, but got more serious about the possibility of a career in hip-hop around 2016, when he was introduced to Atlanta MC Young Thug by a mutual friend. The two developed a friendship, and before long Gunna was […]

Tene Gabriel – Butterflies

Tene gabriel’s melodic debut single is a light-hearted and wavy. With beautiful, light lovely sounds throughout the listen. While it puts you in a dream-like state it still keeps you locked in to the jazzy tune. Tene Gabriel really soothes the soul in her new single “Butterflies.” Listen to this song on “Pink Diamond Radio” […]


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